The Fear of Losing to You

When you are in the army, you never know when the enemy will strike. A sneak attack could come at any moment. What do you do? You prepare for it. You are always ready to fight. Always ready to go into battle.

Did you know that's how it is for the church too? For young people. For Elders and the Saints. For the Pastor and his family. We are an army preparing for battle. A battle against the devil himself.

  1. Preparation is necessary.
  2. You also need to be ready at all times for an attack.

I have heard stories of people who were so used of God in the services that they were exhausted and wiped out! All they wanted to do was go home and go to sleep. No party after the service ... The next day, the devil is attacking them with everything he can think of. Anger, depression, condemnation, prayerlessness. He sends spirits to attack you and the list goes ON & ON!! Do you want to know why it happens? HE IS AFRAID OF YOU!

YES! The devil is shaking in his boots!!!!!! He knows how powerful you are when you are led of the Spirit. He knows how much you pray! He sees you witnessing to souls and bringing them to church. He wants to SCARE YOU, a child of GOD!!


We need to be prepared EVERY single DAY because you never know when the devil will plan to attack you. Pray EVERY morning for strength and protection!! Pray for our Sisters and Brothers!! You NEVER know what the day will be like, but with prayer and strength given by God, you WILL know you can fight off the devil each day.

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Kendra Thaler said...

GRRRR!! I'm armed and dangerous! This is such a revelation for us as the children of God! We have to be on guard, clothed in the WHOLE armor of God and ready for action. A soldier never sits around doing nothing. We have to be PROACTIVE! Sharpen our tools while we wait (fast). Work out our muscles (pray). Keep a good lookout (watch). Set up a good perimeter of protection (worship and praise). It all goes hand in hand :) THIS we know because we've been have a strong move of God! Keep up all the great work sissy, I am very proud of you! <3