The New Chef of the House

Heyy everyone! :)

Meagan here! Or maybe, Chef Rowell would be better ;) Lol.

Yesterday was a turning point in my "life" I guess. I decided to cook!! Not just regular, plain ole' spaghetti or pizza. I mean REALLY, get the skillet and the pans out! :) I figured this out around 3pm and started to look on websites for lovely recipes that are easy enough for me to start out. That don't take a lot of time and not too complicated :)

I looked in the kitchen and realized that I can NEVER work in a dirty space!! So guess what?! I cleaned the kitchen AND the living/dining room!! :) Wasn't Mom pleased when she got home and I told her I was cooking tonight. She willingly accepted my request to head to the grocery store.

I made "Spring Vegetable Fettuccine"

Everything turned out amazing :) I could have done a few more things to make it better (I didn't realize until we were eating). But it's a learning experience. You don't know everything all of a sudden, right? Lol!

Now, I'm going to be cooking at least twice a week!! Yay! I'm excited! New recipes that are kid/teenager/AND adult friendly ;)

Love, Meag<3

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Amber said...

You go Chef Rowell!! Send some of your chef-ness this way!:P