Christmas Love

Wow, Christmas was the best ever this year! :)

First, I spent Christmas week with my brothers at my Mamaw && Papaw's house.. ALL WEEK.. which gave time for my parents to get ready for Christmas and set up everything. The boys and I went home on Friday morning and opened presents right when we walked in the door..

Secondly, I love my family and everything they do for me. I got a little choked up when I saw what my parents got for me. They did everything possible to make this the best Christmas for my brothers and I.

That being said, I LOVE YOU MOM & DAD!!!

Ryan got an electric guitar :) If he doesn't learn it, I will.. Trust me ;)
Korbin got a big wheel bike and an electric drum set.. GOOD CHOICE.. If they were the regular drum sets, I would have died by now *shakes head*
I got my bedroom redone and a keyboard!!!

We got other presents but these were the big ones.

My Mamaw bought me a beautiful Bible, with my name (Meagan Nicole Rowell) pressed on the cover and "Romans 1:16"..
Also known as, the scripture right up at the top of my blog. Reminding me to never be ashamed of this gospel. I got choked up at that part too.. It is absolutely gorgeous.. I never knew a Bible could be this cute lol.


BEST Christmas Ever.

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Mary Frances said...

Post pictures girl!!!! I wanna see your room and your Bible!!!