A fun snow & trip to the ER day!!!

Yes... snow trip started at 8 this morning and we were in Mt. Baldy until 4pm :)

Good: SNOW!!! and LOTS of it!!!

BAD: On the 1st ride of the day (using sleds), I decide to be a daredevil... as always ;) ... over 100 ft up on a steep mountain, I decide to ride down. My sled slid off course and my ankle hit a tree that had fallen down (a really big log, I guess) and spun me out. :( *sigh* It was crazy packed and everyone saw me. They were surprised I wasn't unconscious lol.

I sat down for about 5 minutes not wanting to try to stand on my foot. I took off my boot/socks and my ankle was just a little swollen and hurt like crazy but oh well.. I stood up and the guys were applauding me lol. :) Funny! So I walked on it for another 4 hours before looking at it again. :/ not a good idea. It was flexible and didn't hurt too bad so I let it go.

On our way back down the mountain (which was like an hour because of traffic coming up&down) my ankle got stiff and I couldn't walk on it anymore!! "Ohhhh great!!!" Another few hours go by and I'm in the ER with getting x-rays and finally!!!! They said it was a sprained ankle and nothing was fractured and no chipped bones :)

Oh! Another good thing!!!: They gave me crutches!!! ;) funnest things ever! Lol
Bad thing: no high heels :( or heels at all! *sigh...tears*
So that means cowboy boots to church tomorrow ;) yeehaww hahhaa

Anyways, this was by request, once again, of what happened in my day.

Lovesss! Meag..


Kendra Thaler said...

Aw Megg!! You have to be more careful you crazy Rowell. LOL I can just picture you thinking, on the way down, oh just wait til I tell my uncles what I just did! haha!

I am SO glad you didn't kill yourself! Geeeezz... lol See ya tonite in your boots :)

Meagan Rowell said...

LOL!!! I wasn't even thinking. I was like "okay, I HAVE to do this!!" Sooo without thinking I just hopped on the sled and slid down lol :)

You will see me with one boot ;) since it is still swollen and bruised... Oh and my crutches lol :)