The one thing I've learned...

Put God first in ALL things.

I know it is really simple to say..
But it is much harder to do.

I'm getting teary eyed thinking of people who put God on the back burner.. and the times when I did too. In 7th grade, God was far out of my mind. I went to church, but I was doing what I wanted to do. Not exactly what He wanted.

I cracked mean jokes.
I told lies.
I was in and of the world.
The list doesn't need to go on.

Now, I try so hard to put God first in everything!!
  • How I talk.
  • How I walk.
  • How I dress.
  • My actions.
  • Witnessing.
The list could go on.

It definitely isn't easy but taking it one step at a time, everything is falling in place. My love gets stronger and stronger. Prayer gets longer and longer. My heart gets bigger and bigger.

Leaving God behind leads only to disaster.
I'm always told of stories like this:
"Because (so & so) didn't allow God to be their everything, their life became a wreck. A total mess. Tangled and twisted."

It is absolutely true. Not getting on their face in prayer or listening to Elders warning them, led them into a disaster. Isn't that exactly what the devil wants us to do??

Put God on the back burner...

Shouldn't we want to do the exact opposite?

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Kendra Thaler said...

Well said!!!

Keep it up little sissy!!!