A Visit-POEM

Umm. I've been really busy lately :( school is a bother... That's why I hardly post much and when I do, it's not like I used to. *sigh* There will be a day when you will love my blog again. Lol. Hopefully soon!!

I wrote this poem awhile back ago :) on my phone.

"A Visit"

I walked the streets,
Claiming to be the best in town,
But little did I know,
There was a pastor walking around
And in his mind, he was shouting,
"Victory! Victory! There's a soul to be found!"

I strutted around the corner,
Checking out the girls on the other side.
"Whoa! Sorry!" says the Pastor as we collide.
Being led of the Spirit,
Pastor started telling me about God.
But how could I respond?
I thought there was no such thing as gods!
Questions flooded my mind.
"Come tonight," he said.
How could I resist?!
I felt a tug in my heart to believe every word
So I visited this Pentecostal church.

Stepping into the sanctuary,
Right then and there...
The Pastor preached about salvation.
"Lord, God save me
From this dying nation!"
God saw my broken heart,
And that very night,
He filled every crack that fell apart.
Since then I've become the Pastor
Over the same church.
The Devil thought he had me all those years
But he didn't know
God would soon make him fear.

Written by Meagan Rowell

Again, sorry for not-so-great posts lately :)


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