2011, already??

Time has been going too fast lately. I'll be 17 this year... okay, in like another 12 months ;) haha.

Our first Sunday services were absolutely incredible. I was sad that I had a sprained ankle and couldn't shout/jump/run the aisles but hey, God knew I was leaping on the inside :) lol.

Sunday night: In song service, they sang "Hear Us From Heaven" and I literally wept the whole entire time.

[Here is the link for the song on youtube]
Hear Us From Heaven - Jared Anderson

My Pastor preached that morning about "Passion"... For outreach and prayer. A burden for the lost like God had... That He still has! I realized I always asked in prayer for God to give me a burden like He HAD for the lost. When I should be asking Him to give me the burden He HAS. He still has that same burden. It hasn't diminished or gone away. He gets things done through us. He wants to transfer the burden He has to us. I guess you can call this a revelation :) I was surprised and it stirred me.. "Lord, give us the same burden you have!"

That is all I've been able to pray for lately.. My lost friends.. Unsaved family.. Backsliders.. The dying nation.. The world outside of the U.S.

When you are in prayer, make sure to ask God for the same burdens He has. :) There will be a difference in you.

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