Friday night :)

Wow!! So our youth choir sang this song at the youth service last night in Rialto:

Battlefield - Norman Hutchins

:) loooveeee. Everyone said we did really good. We were all so nervous and at one point, Michael broke his drumstick!!! He did sooo good though! :))

The Holy Ghost moved in the service as Bro. Tim Smith preached! Awesome, awesome, awesome. Everyone who couldn't make it, I'm sorry but y'all missed an amazing service.

Afterwards we played Broomball :D woo woo!! Sooo much fun hahaha I got so competitive though and I had to chillax before I slammed some people to the floor ;) Sis. Gracy from Bro. Bertram's church got hurt though! I stayed with her while she was hurting and walked her to her van when they were leaving. Aren't I sweet ;) Hahaha. I love Sis. Gracy!

It was like 12:30am by the time we got out of there! We headed straight to Dennys lol!! Our youth group hung out and I didn't get home until 2am.. We had outreach this morning but I couldn't go because of the parents being at work *sigh* .. Next week :p

That's all folks!!! God bless y'all!!


Anonymous said...

If you weren't there last night you also missed Meagan showing up a bunch of guys last night!! It was hilarious ;) lol Awesome job Meagan!! That's my kind of spirit :D Can't wait until we can all play broomball again!

Alexandria Pierce

Meagan Rowell said...

Hahahha @Alex! I'm laughing so hard right now!!! :D Some of those guys just couldn't keep up with our skills ;)It was fun playing with you! :) See you soon

Anonymous said...

LOL no they couldn't especially when you went through them like a football player :D lol Good Times;) See Ya Soon!


Meagan Rowell said...

Hahaha hey girl, do you have a cell or email so we can keep in touch?? :) the email I use the most is dinosaurbabiii@yahoo.com

Email me!!

Anonymous said...

Ya for sure!!! :) I just emailed you