Permit & Food!

Yea, yea. It has taken me forever but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, right? ;)

I went to the DMV yesterday (Tuesday) and took my written test.
*Only missed 4!*

Anyways, we celebrated at Benihana that night! Mmm mmm good. Delicious food. We'll probably have leftovers for a week or 2 ;) due to me being a "bird eater"... that's what my whole family calls me.

Papaw (if you are new to my blog, "Papaw & Mamaw" are my grandparents on my Dad's side) said he was going to take me out to dinner either tonight or over the weekend! Yumm. Any suggestions?? (No Mexican food please. Or American) I'm open to VERY authentic and DIFFERENT varieties of food. I don't like how on every corner there is a hot dog stand, burger joint, mexican restaurant, or whatever fast food place. LOL. Give me some GOOD food!

Post later :)
Love y'all


Kendra Thaler said...

Here are some ideas if you havent gone already:

-Thai food (i LOVE it)
-Jamiacan food (jerk chicken is amazing)
-Indian food (only if you can handle spicy)
-SUSHI *how i adore thee*

:) have fun! Congrats again!

Mary Frances said...

LOL! I don't think you waited that long...I waited til I was 26!!! LOL!