Sick to my stomach..

I'm surprised at what I hear at the DMV..

A lady behind me told a man "Once saved always saved.. Just profess your love for Jesus Christ.."

I'm not lying when I tell you her words made me sick.

I pray I see those people again.. I'm sad/mad because I couldn't interrupt & tell them the truth about God.. Dumb appts interfered.

It makes me sick to my stomach that I couldn't butt in and start telling them the TRUTH!!! AGGHHH! I am not kidding! My stomach is turned and it feels like acid is in my mouth.
God has definitely been testing me this week!! Tons of opportunities to witness to someone.
Jesus, give me another try!!! I'll make You proud!!


Tara said...

Hi there, I just founnd your blog this evening and I think it is fantastic every time I find another young person so passionate for the Lord! I really loved the "itunes" picture over on the left and I totally stole it for my own blog :) I hope you come check mine out also and I am your newest "follower" so I hope to see more posts soon. Oh and I would L.O.V.E. some hair tutorials of those pics you have on ur hair blog!

Anonymous said...

hey you still quizing ?

Meagan Rowell said...


Hello there :) No, I'm not quizzing anymore (for a few reasons). School was majorly stressing me out and I had to put that first.. before I knew it, I was over 100 verses behind. Haha I am going to try for next season :)

God bless!

P.S. Who is this?? Reveal yourself! :) Hahahah!

Meagan Rowell said...


Hi! Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog! :D I checked out yours. Lol I'll try and work on some hair tutorials.