Youth Prayer

Mondays @ 7pm ...

Most of you know that I HATEEE (yes, hate!) missing youth functions and church. I had to skip a lot of youth prayer nights :( It really bummed me out. However, I've been getting back to going recently and this Monday was one of the most powerful I've been to!

I was at the church 30 minutes early because I was having a rough afternoon and needed to just BE THERE already! Then 7 rolled around and more of our young people arrived.. about 7:30 (I'm guessing) my youth pastor came over to our ladies, who were all in a prayer circle, and told us he felt it in the Holy Ghost that we should have one person in the middle to be prayed for and after we are done praying, we move to the next person (whoever wanted prayer). As we pray for this person, let God use you to encourage/correct/rebuke them. Whatever the Holy Ghost leads you to do. *The guys had already started doing it and you could see them getting blessed!!*

We pray with Tania, she has been wanting the Holy Ghost for some time now and our ladies are encouraging her. Other ladies step in and get prayed for... Our ladies start stepping out in the Holy Ghost and pull some people to the center. Well, remember I said I was having a rough day? I told God that if I was going to get in that circle, someone would have to PULL me in. I'm sure you can guess what happened :) Kendra was in the middle at that time and she takes me and pulls me to the center.

*Sis, I know you are reading this and I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!*

By this time, most of our guys are all around our circle and worshipping and praying with us. I was getting what I needed. Words of encouragement were pouring into my ears and all that I NEEDED to hear. Felipa & Jasmine were getting prayed for around the same time I was and mannnnn... The next 45 minutes were POWERFUL & we got a great touch. I went home speaking in Tongues, I felt like I was on the verge of getting drunk in the Spirit. I was soooo close!

I can't wait for church tonight. More blessings and miracles to come :)


Marvin C. C. said...

now that is amazing... Thats good church your talking about! Man i miss it but im praying for the same move in our church... I find it funny i might not know you but i sure enjoy reading your blog. One day we can meet. But your my sis in christ... God bless.

Meagan Rowell said...

I'll be praying for you and your church!

I remember meeting you before lol I think at Youth Alive or West Coast. One of the two :) God bless you Bro!!

Kendra Thaler said...

Aw you are welome sissy! I really felt to grab you like instantly. I was weeping and getting blessed, opened my eyes and God told me to pull you in! :)

"step in and be blessed"

It was awesome!! We haven't even scratched the surface!!!