Apostolic Hair

To all my Pentecostal/Apostolic ladies,

Kendra Thaler of I Wear Natural Apostolic Hair has asked Courtney Thaler and I to start hair blogs for our hait type :)

If you have curly hair.. Check out Courtney's I Wear Curly Apostolic Hair

And if you have (almost or totally) bone-straight hair like me.. Check out my I Wear Straight Apostolic Hair

Hang tight because we haven't gotten all the stuff up yet ;) but be prepared for some greatness lol jking.. kinda.. :)

Become a follower and you won't be disappointed!!

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Kendra Thaler said...

I am super excited! I changed the name to Natural Apostolic Hair bc black is a color.. lol curly and straight are descriptions haha :) DUH Kendra!