Courage in the Altar

It takes courage to walk to the altar (a lot of the time). Especially when you are struggling and going through trials. Most of us feel embarrassed or have too much pride to cry in the altar, shout, or dance in the Spirit. It really does amaze me.. It's like we are intimidated by other women/men.. Have you ever noticed it?

Courage: "have the courage of one's convictions, to act in accordance with one's beliefs, especially in spite of criticism." (dictionary.com)

I've heard plenty of people say, "The day so&so shouts and runs the aisles is when I'll do it."

I REALLY don't get it! Do these people not have the revelation of worship, praise, and not to care what others are going to think about them?? Sometimes, worship is a life or death situation. :/ Seriously. You won't give God 100% of your praise... You're holding back.. You won't let loose. The saints of God get victory through prayer and worship.

Just because another person in the church isn't worshipping, it doesn't mean you should stay in your pew and "praise God"...

*I totally understand if you have a disability but the people who are fine and dandy don't give much praise.*

It stirs me up sometimes. All the things God has brought them through and all they do is some hand clapping to praise Him. Man..... I just.... ah! I don't know.. Is it just me? Or has anyone seen at least one person in your lifetime act like that (even yourself)?

Maybe I'm thinking too much..

All I know is that I want to have courage! Courage to walk down to the altar to worship and cry freely! I don't want to be intimidated by the "cool girls" at conferences or guys I need to "impress"... The ONLY men I need to impress are Pastors, Youth Pastors, the Elders, and their wives.. but most importantly GOD!


When you are in the altar area, dancing, (sometimes by yourself), it feels good but you want others to join you. I noticed that at the conferences I go to, before I go to the altar, I hesitate. Sometimes I'll wait until someone else goes up 1st. I realized that another person needs ME to have courage to go up there 1st and LEAD them!!! Have you ever thought of that??

I don't know...
This is just a view from a 16 year old young lady-in training (see here)

I know everyone sees it differently. Please, tell me what you think. I have had a problem with this recently. I want to shake them to wake them up and "smell the coffee." :/

But all it takes is a little courage from one person to step out "in spite of criticism."


Tara said...

I just want to say once again how great it is to see such a passionate young lady in christ! I agree 100% and I think its great that you get out of your seat, dance, sing, worship, cry, do whatever it is that you do between you and God. It IS hard sometimes not to worry "well no one else is doing it" but so what! We need to realize that we are in Gods house and if there is any place to let loose and praise him, it is there! Furthermore, if we truely want to be like the book of acts church then we NEED to worship that way. Remember that the onlookers thought they were DRUNK! I can only imagine the extent of their dance,singing, praising :) Keep doing your thing girl and God Bless

Dawling Couture said...

I love you meagers!! you are an awesome lil example esp to me! i loved how at West Coast you did just what i was thinking and ran to the front even though we were the only girls up there. your amazing and i miss u like crazy!!!

Meagan Rowell said...

This post was mainly a "vent and rant" :P sorry folks.