A love for the Potter's wheel

It'll take an eternity for me to tell God how thankful I am and how much I love Him..

I'm sure you will all agree.

God has been soo good. It's not right to dwell on your past (as a hindrance) but I think this is the exception:

When I look at where I was a few short years ago
and now, where I stand today.

Constantly, I have been changing for the better. On the "Potter's wheel," God has been molding me into the woman He wants me to be. He had to break me down to make me brand new. It wasn't easy, I can tell ya that. I'm sure God had to use a sledge hammer to shatter my "pot" lol :) If you know what I mean.

Honestly, most of us don't want to be put out of our "norm." When you're life is going great, you don't think, "In 6 months, I'm going to lose my house/parents/job/best friend/etc." I think almost every situation that happens is God's way of placing me (us) on the table to be molded and shaped to HIS perfection.

I was going through some trails the last 6 moths... and the 6 months  BEFORE that were absolutely amazing!!! What happened?! Everything was going sooo GOOD! Well, looking back, I can imagine God taking me in Him arms and saying, "You're going to get through what lies ahead. Remember, I don't give you trials you can't handle and overcome." I don't know if you ever figured out or received the revelation-God doesn't put a tough trial in our life if we can't make it through.

With that alone, I'm SO thankful!! I know that whatever storm comes my way, I'll have God waiting for me on the other side-the light at the end of the tunnel.

BUT.. we need to LOVE it when God wants to change us. He knows what's best :) When He sets us on the potter's wheel, we have to LOVE that we are being perfected. It won't be easy, of course, but oh so worth it.

We need to develop a love for the Potter's wheel.

As long as we allow God to 'fix' us, in the end,  our "pots" are going to be beautiful in His sight...


Sean Thaler said...

Amen! Lord have your way in our lives

Sean Thaler said...

Amen! Lord have your way in our lives

Mary Frances said...

I tagged you in a game girl!!!http://classicmarymoments.blogspot.com/2011/04/things-i-love-to-smell.html#more

Kendra Thaler said...

Amen! This is so vital for us to understand in our walk with God. We have to be be flexible for Him to change us.