Spring BREAK


I thought this was pretty funny :P lol!
Anyways, folks, I'm on spring break and it has been soooo busy already :/ I've been at the church 2 days working in the gym. On Monday, we decided to tear down the stage we had and clean out everything that was behind it.

2 day process.

It's all clean now and organized
(the props, furniture, clothes, sand stage are all in the attic)

Also, our church is having a healing service on "Easter" :)
We are SO pumped up!!! Lol

Pastor told us Sunday night that the church as a whole is going to fast 3 days.. I'm READY to eat (to say the least)! Lol It has been a crazy 3 days. The Lord kept His hand upon us :P my soul hungered after the things of God but also hungers after the things God made to fill my belly. LOL!!!

I appreciate everyone who reads my blog :)
Leave a comment about what you are doing/have done for spring break.

God bless you all!

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