Embarrassing Mother's Day Moment

Ahhh... Yes, it was quite funny.. :)

On Saturday night, I had just gotten home from the hospital (visiting my cousin Nolan) and I was in my room getting ready to go to bed. My dad walks in and hands me a card, "This is for Mom." Well, as usual, I wasn't paying attention and thought he said, "This is from Mom." Ohhhhh boy lol.

It never clicked in my head that the NEXT day was Mother's Day, so I was like, "Ooooh sweet. Mom got me a card." ;) It was a Mother-Daughter card, and I didn't really see that is said Happy Mother's Day at the end.

So later on that night, Mom & I were standing in the bathroom and I blurt out, "Thanks for the card, Mommy," and she said, "What card???" Reeaaallllyyy confused.

I stood there, "Ooooh? ... OOOHHHHHHH!!!! Just kidding! I get it!!!! NEVERMIND!!!!"

Hahahahahhahahahaha my Mom & I almost couldn't breath from laughing so hard!!

My Dad gave me the card to sign for Mother's Day :) From Daughter, to Mother.

Classic Mother's Day Moment ;)
Only me.

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