Family Weekend (Day 1)

May 13-15: FAMILY Reunion in Yuma, Arizona!!!!!

I had tons of fun:) I'm guessing close to 100 family members were able to make it. It wasn't a really reunion but for all of us to get together to celebrate Uncle Jerry Sr. and Aunt Loretta's wedding anniversary (45 years!). Uncle Jerry Sr is my Papaw's older brother. Aunt Loretta, his wife, is battling cancer.. the MAIN reason for a quickly planned family weekend.

We left Ontario, CA at 10:30am and arrived in Yuma about 2:30pm. Not too bad of a drive when you are listening to Louis Lamour (or Sacket) stories. :)

Some of us (about 10 Rowells in my family and about 10 more cousins/aunts/uncles) who were in town went out to eat at this Mexican Restaurant-LOL when we pulled up, my Uncle Jeffrey played a prank. He took Uncle Billy's (Papaw's brother) guns from his UNLOCKED jeep and put them in Mamaw and Papaw's trunk of their car.

We went inside and ate yummy Mexican food :) We spilt 5 drinks on our table /: CLUMSY.. Then we headed back out and Uncle Billy went to his car and he noticed he didn't see his guns. Uh-oh. He was looking at Uncle Jeffrey and my cousin Jerry Jr. (I call him Uncle Jerry) to see if they had a smirk on their faces to prove them guilty :) lol he knows them too well. After a few minutes, Uncle Billy said, "I'm going to call the cops" and even then my Uncles didn't confess!!! He was well into the conversation with the police when my Uncle Jeffrey starts to bust up laughing! "THIS TEACHES YOU A LESSON!" We had a good time :) and we were out of that parking lot within 30 seconds ;) didn't want to get in trouble with the cops lol.

We headed to the church to help with some finishing touches for the morning family gathering :) LATE NIGHT

(Day 2 tomorrow)


Mary Frances said...

HAHAHA!!! It must be fun being a Rowell!!! Your uncle Jerry is HILARIOUS!!! LOL!!! :)

Meagan Rowell said...

LOL Mary :) Yes, it is fun... and interesting ;) haha! You should see when Jerry and my Uncles and Dad get together. My lands, 5x the trouble LOL!