If God is put first...

...Everything will come after :)

Simple and easy, right? Umm, not always so. I'm sure all of us have those moments when we want to do what WE want instead of having the mind of God and do what HE wants. It can be difficult if you're not praying, fasting, and reading the Word. (Having the mind of God)

This is such a familiar story in 1 Kings 3:5-14..
It is written that the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and said, "Ask what I shall give thee." Solomon probably contemplated asking for riches, a long life, fame, etc. However, he asked God for wisdom, so that he could judge the kingdom.

God saw his heart and knew Solomon was sincere (you have to be sincere when you are asking God for things and for His will), so God not only gave Solomon wisdom, He also gave him both riches and honour, and a longer life if he kept the Lord's statutes and commandments like Solomon's father, David, did.

I can't help but think that Solomon did contemplate what to ask for. It doesn't say, "And Solomon answered without hesitation.." Solomon loved God and was faithful to Him.. Therefore, he put God first..

We need to learn how to put God first. Really, we do!

"God, could you please bless me financially? I can handle it." When God would have wanted to hear you say, "Place a burden for souls on me."

"Lord, speed up this traffic!" --> "If I'm supposed to be in traffic (His will), then let me run into someone to witness to."

"Give me a husband!! PLEASE!!!" --> "Let me be able to serve you with my WHOLE heart! Giving you a 110% of my time/praise."

Do you get what I'm saying? We may want this and that, but we can leave it aside and ask God for something HE wants. Solomon probably wanted an enormous amount of money, and for everyone to know who he was, but he asked for something that was soo much more meaningful and powerful.

Is asking God for a new car better than asking for a deeper walk in prayer? An understanding of His Word?

Putting God first isn't as easy as it looks if you aren't praying and fasting (like I said). If you ARE doing those things, you'll be walking in the Spirit and more sensitive to what God is wanting you to do. You can't do that if you are borderline in church.. Or not following your Pastor's standards.. BUT that's a WHOLE other topic in itself that will need another post ;)

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Elias said...

Great post! It's not always easy but worth it :)Keep up the good work! and happy long weekend!