A Promise

(Here is why I wrote this post today. Going through this blog and reading about this sweet little girl getting touched.)

Awhile back ago, (in February?), there was a Ladies Conference in Chula Vista, California at Bro. Buxton's church. Everything that was said was straight to me and I felt a breakthrough with struggles and trials I was going through. Just another AMAZING service with the women in our churches :)

Towards the end of altar call, a lady came up and whispered in my ear and said something along the lines of God hears your prayers and He will answer them. Immediately, I thought of my family that isn't saved. My sweet cousins, uncles and aunts, grandparents..etc.. All the ones that aren't saved..

*You know when you pray for your family, you usually have a couple specific people in mind? I had 2 of my beautiful, younger cousins that stood out in my thoughts.*

God promised me that He would touch them.. And I'm still holding onto that.

One is only a couple years younger than me, and the other is now around 10 years old. They go back and forth between their Mom & Dad's houses, since their parents got divorced. Their Dads (my uncles) are in church and serving God, while their Moms have backslid and turned to the world. They don't get to come to many church services.. So they seem out of the loop, you know? It's heartbreaking

I love these girls so much and want to see them serving God..

Sometimes it seems impossible that God could soften their hearts and put a love for Him inside of them. But I think about what the lady told me and it sparks faith and hope inside of me. God promised me and I'll keep hold of it.

I know God doesn't force His hand upon people, like a gentleman, but I always pray that He would do something in their life that would make them come back to church and get breakthroughs. He knows how it's going to happen, so I'll trust Him and put them in His hands.

God knows what He's doing ♥ All the time.


ShanSoPink said...

and maybe they don't have to physically be "in" the church building for God to touch them. maybe it will be in their rooms while there alone or one day when they are spending time with you. Only God knows when and where. He definitely always knows what He is doing <3

Meagan Rowell said...


Exactly :) I don't care where God does it, as long as it happens. They can be taking a shower, reading a book at home, at a friends house, etc! I just want it done! :) Thank you!