A Quickie

I sincerely apologize for my lack of posting *sigh*
I finished finals but have still been as busy as ever! I promise to get back on track sooner than later :)

*a little shoutout to Ms. Joy from Concord :)*

She came up to me at the District Bible Quizzing tournament in Rialto. :) I love meeting my blog readers! Don't be afraid to come up to me.. I won't be mean lol I promise!

Have a great summer!


Anonymous said...

hey meagan, sorry i haven't messaged you yet :( my computer crashed and phone broke lol. but now my computers working and i get a new phone this weekend. so i'll message you asap :)) haha you we're SO NICE,FRIENDLY,&FUNNY. And your super pretty. i love my new friend Megan :)

Meagan Rowell said...

No problem Joy :) I'm very glad we were able to meet! Lol you are way too sweet. Thank you. Love ya Joy, talk soon!