Thought of the Day

I don't know about you, but I sure do love me some encouragement :)

I've been trying to give it a lot more recently.. You know, I found out that truly, the more you give, the more you recieve!

We always have a friend who is in need of some lovin' and huggin'.

Words like, "You can do it," "I'm here for you," "You're going to make it," help the person know that in the midst of their trials, someone is there to help and pray for them.. Also, letting them know that God is still a MIGHTY GOD.

Just letting a person know you love/appreciate them makes a difference! Maybe that person didn't feel like they were doing any good being an example to young people or the like.

I've walked up to my Elders and told them how much I appreciate them and that I look up to them. The way they pray, worship, have faith, or have a knowledge of the Word.

I know my blog is mainly read by young people (ages unknown lol). I KNOW you have many people in your life who have changed it for the better. There's your Pastor, the Elders in church, another young person even. I know without a doubt that there is at least ONE person who you appreciate dearly!

I did an experiment :) I gave out encouragement to friends/family/young people I've met and talked with. My conclusion was "the more you give, the more you recieve!" (Like I mentioned earlier) Seriously young people, if you want encouragement, then GIVE encouragement. You'll be amazed at what happens. Once you realize it, you'll be thinking to yourself, WOW IT WORKS!!!

Just try it out :) Trust me on this one.


Kendra Thaler said...

Amen I agree!!

Claudia said...

Amen to that girl :) everyone loves knowing that support and encouragement from friends and family. <3