Any Good Songs?

I'm sure you've noticed my playlist at the bottom of my page :)

.. I made it at Project Playlist ..

It has some pretty good songs on there but I'm not "up with the times" or I don't know all those GOOOODDDD "oldies" from Pentecost lol

Help me out!

Leave me a comment with songs you love!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Meagan!
The songs I'm lovin' right now :
"You Hold My World" by Israel Houghton; "Mercies in Disguise"; "The Greatest Name"; and "Cover the Earth" :)

Alex P.:)

Alina Belle said...

Jesus, I love You, by Norman Hutchins... If you can't find it by him, try it by Shekinah Glory Ministries. That's one of my faves (=

Anonymous said...

hey it's Joy again. just curious can you do a post about where to shop, because i'm having a hard time finding cute modest stuff :(

Meagan Rowell said...

Thanks Alex and Alina! I love all those songs! :) New favorites lol

Hey Joy! :) Shoot me an email, I'll be glad to help!!