Happy Thanksgiving week

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving with the ones you love :)

A few things I'm thankful for:
*I'm soo extremely thankful for being raised in the church and for my Pastor and his wife!!!! I don't know what would have happened to me if I hadn't come to be under my Pastor. I'm so grateful!!! I've been placed under a praying man of God who loves his church. I know he prays for me and keeps me safe.
*I'm thankful for my youth leaders Bro Jeffrey Rowell and Bro Chris Brill! They are some great leaders who have a burden for our youth group. They are there to guide us and correct us if needed. They also know how to have fun!! I'm thankful I don't have boring youth pastors!!!!!!! ;)
*Thankful for my family and best friends :) Daddy and Mom, Papaw and Mamaw, my uncles and aunts, my cousins as all my 2nd cousins etc etc ;) lol if I named all the family I would take too long. I'm thankful for my best friends that I've made all over the country. My best friend Sean who can be a complete goofball when I need to laugh lol :) my favorite cousin Brookie <3 who is such a brat ;) but I love her so much.

There is so much to be THANKFUL for!!!!!!

I had the opportunity on Thanksgiving night to put my little cousin Morgan to bed. I told her that before we go to bed tonight let's thank Jesus for everything. We had a whole list going. Her little toys, her friend Chloe, her brother and sisters, mommy and daddy, cousins Meagan;) lol, for breathing... And then I prayed for her to sleep peacefully that night.

Whenever you have an opportunity like this to be with your younger siblings or family members, (to the parents) your kids, don't pass it up. It felt good I was able to do that with her.

I'm thankful this year for everything God has given me.

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