A Professional of a Profession

This morning in my AP English Composition class, we wrote out our EPT (English Placement Test) essay in 30 minutes.. Whew.. If I get a good score, I'll be able to easily get into CSU San Bernadino (a fall back school in case of emergencies). Anyways! I had to respond to a quote by Phyliss Stein.

“The purpose of public universities should be to train the appropriate number of people for the professions. In order to fulfill this purpose, the number of students admitted to each field of study should be pre-set, as in Sweden, so that no more people are trained than will be needed to fill the estimated number of openings in each profession.”

After the essay.. I sat and thought, "Hey, God wants us to be professionals in certain ways, too."

There are Doctors, Teachers, Mechanics, the Tech-savvy, and loads more careers that require extra education and extreme focus. In my argument to agree with the prompt by Stein, I said that this is probably a very smart idea due to the fact that we may have an "over production" of a certain field of study. Those yahoo articles, "Best Careers of 2011!", tend to draw a lot of attention because students want to know what job will make them more $$... So those people go to college but they see a lot of other people thinking the same way and doing the exact same thing...

God doesn't need everyone in the church doing the SAME thing. He needs some one to be pro at playing the organ, a young person bringing in souls, a Pastor leading the church, youth leaders, altar workers, Mentors...

Just like all these different careers help the world go round, all these different people in the church make the CHURCH survive and thrive!

Wow... :) Nice thought today.

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Kathy McElhaney said...

Excellent thought, Sis. Meagan! The platform would be a crowded place if everyone was trying to play the drums or organ. But there's always room for another soul winner.