Feeling Inadequate?

Feeling inadequate?

(Def: not sufficient; unsuitable)

Don't stress..

There are many of us young people who have felt like we were not good enough to give the Almighty God praise because we had done something wrong like sin...

But, I don't want to focus on THAT kind of "not good enough"... The sinning kind.

I want to focus on the feeling of being unsuitable..

(Def: inappropriate; unfitting)

Not being the best or the right one for the job.

Let me say this, YOU ARE YOU and you can be the BEST YOU can be through God. :)

I've noticed that many of us have felt like we don't live up to others standards. For example, my mom was a straight A student, and recently I've had a few bumps in the road that caused my grades to slip a bit. I tried so hard to do as good as my mom did in high school, BUT it didn't happen. I tried to live up to those standards she set and I couldn't make it that high.

It's the same in church and in a spiritual sense. We are not like our neighbor :) or should I say, the person we sit next to in our youth group. We each have different qualities about us..

Which leads me to my point about feeling inadequate. Another person may have a better singing voice, a deeper spiritual insight, or is used mightily in worship... But that shouldn't stop us from singing, from learning, or from worshipping. We each have our strengths AND weaknesses. We each play a part in our church. We can't be discouraged because we can't sing like the girl in your youth group or play the keyboard like an angel..

You are you! And you are the best you can be!

We have a different strengths than the worshipper. We can pray a visitor through to the Holy Ghost. We are prayer warriors. We're a great friend! We're a future youth leader!

When we feel like we aren't the best at a certain thing, remember we ARE the best at something else. The boy in the youth group can play the keyboard best but he needs a little encouragement when it comes to learning about His Word.

So it's time for us to stop feeling like we aren't good enough at a certain thing and remind ourselves that we are the best in another area. :)

Love y'all!



Kendra Thaler said...

Sooo true... I need to apply this to my *inadequate* feelings with piano!

Jason and Mari Rowell said...

A word from Mom.. I'm sorry! I ❤ you regardless. I guess we can ask ourselves, "will this matter in 10 yrs!" probably not; so you do your best and move on! Tomorrow holds a new day :) I love you ❤������❤ p.s. I had a few B's and even a C in geometry! I did retake the entire class the following yr because I wasn't satisfied with my grade :/ dumb, huh!!?? That stuff doesn't matter now, lol!!! I laugh at that now!!! (smile)