National Best Friend Day

First, I'd like to say God really does love me!!!

As I was praying this morning, I cried thinking about how God saw I was lonely and needed a friend. He answered my prayers and blessed me with so many amazing friends and the few who I can call my Best Friends. These few have stuck deep in my heart throughout the years and a couple just in the past year. I cannot begin to describe the love, support and encouragement I've gotten.

It leaves me awestruck that God gave me the desires of my heart!

Late last night, I got a call from my girl friend and we chatted for a good hour <3 And when I thought about it this morning, I realized this girl will be one of my lifelong friends! A friend I will cherish dearly! Since it was National Best Friend day, I also had to let her know :)

God gave me these people for a reason <3 I love each one of them so much!

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