Perks of Being an Apostolic Young Person

The perks of being an Apostolic young person...

We have:

A Pastor and Pastor's wife that will help us develop our abilities.
A Youth Pastor and Assistants that encourage and pray for us.
Elders and Mentors that can correct or let us know
we are doing something right and heading in the right direction.
Youth to draw friendships from.
Young kids to be an example to and love them
Babies to kiss and hug.

We can:

Lead the service in worship.
Bring down the anointing so strong that the entire church is affected.
Pray all night.
Play musical instruments.
Devote our lives entirely to Him.
Change our life.
Change the way we see life.
Change others lives.

Change our City.

Change our WORLD.


The young people.

And we have enough people to back us up
to change not only us, but the world too.


Kendra Thaler said...

I am glad you are back to writing! This is really good. You should print it and give it to Chris.

Celeste said...

Love It ;D I'm Going To Mention This Post On My Blog :D

Meagan Rowell said...

Kendra: I did that night :) It's in the Conf Room on the youth board

Celeste: Go ahead girl :)