A Thought & A Praise Report

I had a little thought yesterday morning :) Coming from the scripture 1 John 2:15

"Love not the world, neither the things of the world..."

It rolled around my head all day... When you look towards the world, you begin to go in that direction. Kind of like steering a car. When you look at some accident on the side of the road, your hands lean toward that spot too! However, if we keep our eyes straight on God, we will be headed to that place..

And here's a praise report :)

My aunt, Loretta Rowell (my grandpa's sister-in-law), was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2004, two years after her and my uncle, Jerry Rowell Sr. (my grandpa's brother), adopted Summer, a baby girl on the Indian Reservation where they started a church. She was sad at first but then got excited because she would be going to Heaven! Just a couple weeks ago, my uncle was crying asked her if she was really dying and she said yes. They began to make plans for a few things... But she saw the hurt she was causing her family by wanting to leave and go to Heaven. My aunt would pray and tell God if He wants her in Heaven, she's ready but if she needs to stay, then heal her.. However, she felt that God wanted her to make the decision, because He can't make it for her. She has to want to do one or the other. Last week Sunday, she believed God for her HEALING and as her church prayed for her, she was overcome with the power of God and had to sit down. Her INSIDES were BURNING like there were HOT COALS inside of her!!!!!

She went and got a PET Scan on Thursday. A few months ago, the cancer was spread to 7 different places throughout her body, BUT just a few days ago, there was only a small dot of cancer detected underneath her arm pit that would be NO THREAT to her! It was just a Godly reminder that God HAD healed her!


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Jennifer Connell said...

This is an awesome testimony of God's healing power! Thank you very much for sharing.