Using Your Past

I believe we all have a past, a time where life was rough, our faith was shot, and maybe weren't in church. I know I have a past! Even though I was raised in Pentecost, I had to go through life too. I was tested in certain areas. This post isn't to tell of what I went through and did, but I'm writing this to tell that the PAST can be used in the FUTURE...

"Wow? Really? How?"

There's someone else going through the same temptations, the same tests, the same emotionally and spiritually draining things in life as you did but they are going through it right now! We have to tell what we learned help us get through those trials..

**A couple nights ago, I was with a group of friends and it was asked jokingly if a couple of us girls had ever worn make up. I wasn't going to lie, even if it was jokingly asked. So, of course, I say yes (I hope I didn't shock any of you reading LOL). I was modeling and acting when I was about 13 years old and wore make up for photoshoots... I don't know if I need to explain but this was before I had gotten really into church and living for God...

My past experiences can help encourage a new young person in the church. "Yes, you wore pants and make up, but that doesn't mean God can't use you! I've come a long way, and so can you."

They can encourage a friend who has been in church her whole life. "God still forgives. You have to forgive yourself and move forward."

Our past can help someone's future.

Please, I encourage you to use your past experiences to help others going through the same things :)

With much love,

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