A Healthy Dose of Change

Hi my blogger friends! :)

If you haven't heard or follow me on Instagram (megg_rowell), then you probably don't know I made a drastic, life-changing decision regarding my acne and my health.

Most of my friends have known I had chronic cystic acne! (Ugh, it is miserable! It should be treated as a disease because it's painful and hurts a person in every way! Emotionally, physically, AND spiritually!) I was praying at the beginning of this year for God to HEAL me! I was so desperate to get rid of it!

On February 1st, I spent the night with my Aunt Kristy and my Mamaw, who both own a Vitamix blender and the subject came up about my acne. My aunt said she had seen recipes on the Vitamix website that can help with acne!!

WHAT!?!? 😳

So my Mamaw looked up videos on YouTube related to curing acne with food. She showed me this video about the Raw Food Diet on February 1st (You can see the actual video on my other blog, Radiant Beauty). The video explains what a person needs to do for this diet, what they eat and the benefits. I started the raw food diet THAT hour! I stopped taking all the oral medicines and using the topical gels... After only a FEW DAYS, I saw results! I did this diet for 30 days and decided I wanted to go even longer. It's now April 1st and I'm transitioning from an omnivore to an herbivore.

Which means.. I'm going Raw Vegan!

It's a LONG process y'all! But this is the best choice for my health! It's been so exciting and I feel great!! I have had so many friends support my decision and encourage me! Several friends have jumped on the health kick too :)

A little side note :) when you see your friends eating healthy, please don't make fun of them. They're feeding their physical body healthy foods. Encourage them!

If you want to read more about my life changing decision, check out my other blog I made specifically for it :) thanks for reading!!


Mary Frances said...

My mom did raw vegan for a while!!! She actually LOVED it!!!

Dolores Frade said...

Thank you for being open and honest.
You are the apple of God’s eye and you have found a new way of hope for others. Thank you for loving the lord and paving the way for others to learn about your amazing healing process.
You Rock!
High five for MAMAW!