The Lonely Places

The lonely places

Though she beams with confidence,
Though she flows with love,
Though the birds sing her praises..

She has lonely places...
The shadows in the night see her tears,
The pillows dry her eyes,
Her teddy bear hugs her tight...

Though you see beauty and power,
She feels alone in her world...
Needing the friend who can break down the walls she built to protect her...

There is a beauty about her, no doubt,
But she built walls to protect her soft heart


Emily Keating said...

This is beautiful..

Tara Eveland said...

This is gorgeous and IM SO HAPPY to see you still blogging! I can see you have had many life changes since I started following you years ago and I look forward to having time to go through your blog and read all about them! today i am spending time going through my 'blogs i read' list to see who is active and sadly many are not. so i am very excited to see you are!