Decorating Your Home

As a single, young, little lady... I daydream (often) of owning a beautiful house. Thanks to Pinterest, I have loads of decorating ideas for when the day comes! I know for me, I imagine it spotless  clean, a warm and cozy ambiance, and unique art everywhere (preferably my own art).  The exterior will have extremely detailed arches and columns, stones, and painted white with a bright door.

I can go on about the material house I want... But I want to focus on a more important house. Ourselves.

The Bible speaks of our bodies as a Holy Temple. I tend to dream of beautifying a material home but I should focus on beautifying my spiritual house.

The couch shouldn't have rips  or a broken  frame so friends can come and relax comfortably. The mirrors on the wall need to be cleaned off so I can see myself more clearly. Even the floors need to be swept and vaccumed on a regular basis. I can't neglect to dust my pictures frames. Neither can I leave my  luggage on my bedroom floor.

Spiritually, we need to take care of our home, our soul. Praying on a regular basis dusts off the specks of anger and the sprinkles of a bad attitude lying on our heart. Taking out junk like past mistakes and regrets declutters our spiritual home and leaves room for more beautiful pieces of art God will give us. Stocking the fridge with healthy fruit instead of leaving old leftovers  is like being fed the Word of God and hearing preaching from our Pastors.  And don't forget to add artwork on the walls of our spiritual home that God designed for us specifically.

I am just as excited about  building my spiritual home as building my material home :)  I plan to decorate with bright, happy, and clean colors! What about you?

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