Sweet & Kind

Hello my beautiful friends!

There is definitely one thing I love about my friends, they are sweet <3
Kindness is such a beautiful thing! If you didn't know, being a loving and caring person means the world to me.

People who are the opposite tend to drain me and leave me miserable. I have had so many patients come into the pharmacy that want to yell and throw around a bad attitude because something is not going their way :(  After dealing with their anger and trying to calm them down, I want to sit in a corner and cry! Unfortunately, I'm being serious. It's rough dealing with those kind of patients but then there are the ones who come in with a smile on their face and tell you how wonderful their life is despite being at the pharmacy to pick up medications - the ones who actually remember your name. :)

On Tuesday, next door to my pharmacy, there was a robbery and fatal shooting at Quiznos. I have thanked God every day that the shooter did not run into my store; I can only imagine what would have happened! (It's not something that would happen in San Dimas either) The gunman threatened to shoot customers if the owner didn't hand over cash. The owner, Mr. Patel, handed over the money but the gunman shot him when Mr. Patel followed him outside. He was the sweetest man, and he even knew my pharmacists' names. Sadly, he didn't make it through the surgeries and passed away. My patients haven't stopped talking about him the last few days, and all of them mention how kind he was. It got me thinking, what if he was a mean old man? And rude? I don't want to be known as a mean person, uncaring, or unkind. If I were to pass away, I would want to be remembered as sweet and loving. <3

This has been a reminder for me to show God's love to everyone I meet and so should you :) We never know when our last day will be.

A patient came through the drive-thru and said to me, 
"You're my favorite! You are always so sweet to me." 

They may not know, but those comments mean everything to me <3 

Stay sweet, my friends. :)


Anonymous said...

Meagan you are a sweet beautiful person full of kindness! Keep praying for the family Auntie Nicole loves you dearly and the hard work will pay off! You get satisfaction in helping others, and sometimes you we all expect it back and that does not happen. However, do not let that change who you are! Love you and proud of you!

Meagan Rowell said...

Thank you Auntie Nicole ❤️ You've always made sure to encourage me and lift me up

Courtney Tarpley said...

I absolutely love your blog! Thanks for the wonderful encouragement!