Bible Club

Have you ever had the urge to join a club...or even make one?

I remember in 7th grade, I heard about a Bible Club. I honestly thought "How lame! Who would do that?" I never thought twice about joining one. Throughout that year, a few of my friends had joined, I heard about them reading through the Bible and other things related to that. Well, you see, back in those days I didn't really want to be a "light" unto the world of lost sinners. I pretty much was one! I just wanted to fit in and be accepted. I got what I wanted. I acted like them. My sinner friends influenced me.

Everything was a mess. I was a total brat. I had the worst attitude. I just wasn't doing right. I'd get in trouble at least three times a day. Who told me to "get it together"? No one.

There were things I did that I knew weren't right. What I wore, for example. Even though I was going to church and trying to live the Christian life I was taught, I couldn't do it. There was always something missing. Something I knew I needed. Now, I had the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus name but what didn't I have? I thought I had a good church, a fun youth group, and a great family. It was a puzzle.

There's too much to tell about what I did and who I was....but......what if?

What if I had a better walk with God?
I wouldn't have done what I did. I could have witnessed to those friends.

What if I was a good 13 year old girl back then?
I would have had a better attitude. I could have been a better person.

What if I had gone to that Bible Club eager to be a LIGHT?
I would have shown them the Truth! I could have helped them get into church! They would have been saved! Speaking in tongues and baptized in that room!


We all learn from past mistakes and faults. Past experiences help us grow stronger. Yes. We all wish we could redo some of those moments in life where the devil had brought us down. But right now, I'm just so THANKFUL that God brought me out of that! All I can tell you is, *singing* "He picked me up and turned me around! He placed my feet on solid ground! It makes me want to shout! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Lord, You're worthy of all of the glory, and all of the honor, and all of the praise!"

I hope this encouraged you :)


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Kendra Thaler said...


I am very proud of how far you have come little sissy. Keep pressing on. We are never content, always moving forward! I love you!!