Do You Want Big & Beautiful Curls???

Hello my Ladies!!! :)

I started curling my hair at a young age (too young to remember, if you know what I mean lol). I've seen pictures of TIGHT POODLE curls ;)

Recently, I've been wanting looser locks!!!!!!

Soooo.... I heard that doubling up on hot sticks . . .

*picture of conair hot sticks*

. . . works REALLY good!!!

Here is the low-down of how my hair was:

Now, my hair is SUPER striaght, was permed SEVERAL times, and was just too thin and damaged!!! *tear :'( So, (3 years ago, I got my last perm) it JUST started growing and getting thicker this year :) *happy happy happy face!!*

When I first tried doing the double rolling, it would leave creases (yes, that's how thin my hair was). I was like "NO WAY!!! I'm never going to do this again!!!" Up until a couple months ago at least :) lol!

I created some big, bold & beautiful curls!!! *with the help of Aussie Freeze hairspray ;)*

You see!?!? No more tight poodle-looking curls!! :) Makes me so happy!!! I just thought I'd share with my lovely ladies :) Go ahead and try!!! And don't forget to spray them good!!! 'Cause if you're a shouter/aisle runner/jumper/Holy Ghost dance like I am, then you're going to need it ;) lol

With much love,
Meggaroo :)


Alina said...

def going 2 try this... idk if i'll have enough hot sticks tho! i luv ur hair like this btw!

Kelsey said...

hey cani get ur email and number becuz my phone dropped into the water so i dont have any numbers and i can txt from yahoo or msn

Meagan Rowell said...

Alina! hey girl! If any girls from your church have extra hot sticks, ask to use them :) of course, give them back after your done lol! I love my hair like this now! :))

Also, you can just make bigger sections and roll ur hair with the hot sticks you have :) definitely try it out!


Okay so as you know I have a lot of hair, so you think i can roll all my hair at once with those. Oh on that thrift store I signed up for there coupons too. You should too. They sent me a 50% percent off entire purchase.... Love it

Well got to go ttyl
God bless lil sis

Meagan Rowell said...

Lol hey Sis!

I totally think you can!!! :) If you have thick hair *I think u do* then try it with one hotstick instead of doubling up on them. Just try it the 1st time and if you don't like it, then move onto doubling the hotsticks :)

Love you sis! and God bless