The Beginning

I used to think the "beginning was when I was born..

I turned 8, recieved the Holy Ghost, and was baptized in Jesus name. After  I came out of the water, I felt new... I thought this was 'the beginning'..

When I was old enough to celebrate New Years, the "new" beginning would be the exact second the clock struck midnight. Forgetting the past and moving forward with a clean slate..

Then, I heard that song that goes something like this, "It's a new season. It's a new day...." Brand new start every day.

I thought it stopped there..

There wasn't another beginning after that, was there? Last night, Jan. 20, '11, I came to the realization that NO! It doesn't stop there! Every time I ask God to forgive me and wash away my sins with the blood of Jesus, THAT is when I'm brand new.

I could be having a horrible "new day" but when I ask God to forgive me, that's when a new beginning starts.


Amber said...

Great post Meagan!=D

Kathy McElhaney said...

Hi Sis. Megan,

I saw you last night during service and altar call, but never got a chance to talk to you. It was good seeing you, even from a distance!

Mary Frances said...

AWESOME!!! i love you Meagan!!! Your sooooo AWESOME!!! :)