Be the Teacher

Hmm.. I've been thinking about career choices lately.

I want a job where I can make an impact on the world, let my personality shine, be a leader, make someone happy, and help others.

I think that "teacher" fits into this category. :)

Looking back, I can name a couple teachers that were just so incredibly awesome.. It was an instant *click* with them. They loved ALL their students, even the ones who were causing trouble in class :) they were patient, kind, and every student loved them. I can honestly say that Mr. Bittner & Mrs. Baker were definitely the best teachers I've had so far.

Mrs. Baker was my English teacher in 8th grade and like I said, instant *click*!!! She was funny and made learning fun :) She helped every student with what they needed no matter what. The classroom was filled with laughter (even on testing days).

Mr. Bittner was my Science teacher in 8th grade :) He totally understood ME! He was/is a non-denominational pastor and made learning science so easy!! On the very first day he noticed the "Pentecostal" look lol!! He also headed up a class called Leadership (I think??). We decorated for events, helped teachers in other classes. So many memories :)

I wish more teachers were like them. I wish more students appreciated these teachers too.

What I realized is that I want to make a change in other kids lives like they did mine. I want to be THAT teacher everyone remembers and visits whenever they are passing by the classroom/school. I can picture it already! *sigh* It just seems RIGHT.

Ms. Rowell :)


Fred Bittner said...

I wish people were as thoughtful as you. You will make a huge impact on the world no matter what you become as a career because you have already made the most important choice of al. Following Jesus.

fooshka said...

It warms my heart that such an amazing person as yourself cites me as a role model. You are a role model. You walk through life with grace, fortitude, intelligence and humor. Those are things that make great teachers but more importantly, they make great humans!!!

siscourtneymary said...

ummmm Stop tryin yo be like me!!! lol I love teaching i know you will too!!!!