Family Weekend (Day 2)

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Day 2: Celebrate Uncle Jerry Sr. and Aunt Loretta's 45th wedding anniversary :) / Family Reunion


Get this.. my Uncle Jerry Sr. thought he was going to preach "Family Weekend" at Jerry Jr.'s church in Yuma. Lol. He thought it was just the church and their families. He called his son (Jerry Jr) and asked if Aunt Marg and Uncle Babs could come (remember, they didn't know it was the Rowell family that was actually there) so Jerry Jr said OF COURSE! :) LOL we had to keep the surprise from Uncle Jerry Sr and Aunt Loretta.

(Waiting for the wonderful couple to arrive)

My cousin Jerry Jr pretended like it was a normal service and when he gave the signal, we stood up and faced Uncle Jerry Sr and Aunt Loretta. They were soooo shocked! :) We started singing "Happy Anniversary to you" to the tune of  the "Happy Birthday" song. The service was sooo beautiful. They played their wedding song and with a little smooch at the end, that ended the service and time to go grub ;) ahahah

There were, I think close to 100 lbs, chicken and ribs to feed the 100 Rowells lol. Brother, this family can eat :) hahaha it was delicious.
(Cousins-Jonathan, Michael, Justin, Mason, Shelby, Me)

Then there were presentations :) Videos of past family reunions (camping, fishing, surprises, singing, playing.. etc) Jerry Jr sang "Baby We Made It" in honor of the 45 years of marriage Uncle Jerry & Aunt Loretta have had.

After this wonderful family time, we went and had MORE family time!!!!! The boys/men (Uncles, cousins) and I (the only girl) went to go shooting :) Sadly, I don't have the pictures/videos of that. We had a blast (no pun intended) LOL.

From there we went to Aunt Edna's (Papaw's sister) vacation house in the desert.. The "band" played and we heard great singing :)

Thus ending DAY TWO of our family weekend :) Lovely.

(Day 3 coming soon)

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