Something to Think About

I've seen a countless number of people who carry their chargers around with them everywhere (me being one of the many lol). Some people have chargers that they leave at work/etc. It doesn't matter if it's for a cell phone, an iPod, or a camera.

I do this too, so don't worry if you fit into the category :) lol As I type, my charger for my (wack) Blackberry is in my purse. :) lol. *The battery dies too quick* I don't get it.

These chargers are what keep our devices full of life. What would happen if we didn't have them? You'd be left with a worthless and useless piece of metal/plastic. What's the point in having a phone/camera/iPod??

Something else I've noticed, among our Apostolic/Pentecostal people, is that we don't carry the one thing that is very important. More important than our dumb phone chargers.

Our Bible.

Our Bibles are like a charger itself. We open the book and read it, giving us a spiritual charge (like prayer). It gives us an "extra boost" of life when we need it :)

We really do need to get in the habit of carrying our Bible with us, and not only to church. We need to be in the place where we won't forget our Bible at home, when we make sure we have our charger.

Put it in your purse, leave it in your car, carry it in your hand! Just keep in by you :) You're always going to need it.

The Bible is more important than a dumb charger.
Don't you agree?


Sean Thaler said...

Amen sister! We need our sword everywhere we go!

Sean Thaler said...

Amen sister! We need to bring our sword everywhere!

Kendra Thaler said...

I concur! I have my iPhone fully equipped and in case it dies, I have an adorable pink bible that fits in (most) purses!

Hey on another note, keeping a bible ready for war in the midnight hour is important! I have often woken up, and began to read that open bible in the middle of the night! It's our weapon!!!

Marvin C. C. said...

Now Your Preaching what I am!!! lol thats what i tell everyone, all the young people are me! lol. I have one in my car, in my job, my room, leaving room and even though i don't like mixing technology with the things of God i have one in my iPhone and read it on the Go, but! i don't use that in church i carry my sword i dont use my bible phone as an excuse. It's a pet peeve of mine lol. Dont mix Tech with The Things Of God! They just don't go. I Love Your Post!!!!